WSFC Board Officials

The Commission is governed by a board composed of seventeen voting members, as follows: Ten producers, four dealers, two processors, and the director of Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), or an authorized representative. A majority of the voting members constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business.


WASHINGTON STATE FRUIT COMMISSION                                                    Yakima, Washington

DIRECTORY OF OFFICIALS – ELECTED                                                        Effective May 2018


CHAIRMAN                                                 Norm Gutzwiler  

VICE-CHAIRMAN                                       Jill Douglas Sanchez      

PRESIDENT/MANAGER                             B.J. Thurlby    

TREASURER/CONTROLLER                     JoAnne Daniels


Producer Members:

District 1         Position 1                      Ed Clark                      

Position 2                     Tate Mathison             

Position 3                     Norm Gutzwiler          

Position 4                     Joe Wiggs                    

District 2         Position 5                    John Harris                    

Position 6                     Mark Zirkle                 

Position 7                     Don Olmstead, Jr.        

Position 8                     Jill Douglas Sanchez    

District 3         Position 9                     Patrick Sullivan           

Position 10                   Jim Kelley                   

Dealer Members:

District 1         Position 11                    Mike Wade                 

Position 12                   Doug Pauly                 

District 2         Position 13                   Ray ‘Gipp’ Redman III

Position 14                   Peter Verbrugge          

Processor Members:

Position #15                 Steve Carlson              

Position #16                 Doug Field                  

WSDA Appointment:   Zachary Garza